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Tools and Digital Assistance for Homeschooling Children

Tools and Digital Assistance

Tools and Digital Assistance for Homeschooling Children

What To Use When You’re Not Available To Teach The Children

Either as a parent who just need to engage children after school hours or as a full time homeschooler, I’ll be talking about what to use when you’re not available to teach the children either due to workload, due to illness or due to other situation beyond your control…

My assistants are broadly categorised into two; first being digital assistant while the other is physical assistant.

Today, I’ll be talking about my Digital Assistants and the necessary TOOLS that complete the tasks.


1. PHONE/ TABLETPhone/Tablet

Well, I believe we all have phones, a simple android phone and not the Nokia “Owo n romi” type o, and not the bonanza bonanza type.

Anyway, for the sake of your growth and that of your kids, please get an Android phone like Samsung, Infinix or even tablets like lenovo, or any other device with at least 2gig internal memory. On your off days, do good to yourself and your wards by removing your important SIM or put your phone on aeroplane mode for the kids to learn.
Nah one you go choose… You can’t eat your cake and have it nah.

This phone you press to chat in group is our own machine o. God help us.

2) MEMORY CARDMemory Card

You know the feeling, when you give someone an expo that they should be excited about and they go “hmmmmmm, my phone doesn’t have space to contain it” and you feel like hitting them with your EYE (lol… Don’t try to hit Nigerians with hand o, they’ll just pretend to faint so that you can buy milk for them 😜).
So I usually go “Create the space nah”

You’ve heard me, so go buy memory card and stop being stingy 😝.


Give it whatever name you like, being connected to the internet is the message I’m passing here.

You don’t have to be online 247, all you need to do is download the necessary assistant I’ll be sharing soon whenever you need them.

I have SMILE, SWIFT, Airtel, 9mobile, Glo… Don’t blame me, it’s the kind of my livelihood and Nigeria network palava that cause it.

All you need is a strong and consistent data. I mean, it’ll be available anytime you need it.

4. A PHONE STAND/TRIPOD STANDTripod or Phone Stand

This is a three legged something, that can stand well on its three legs just to help you carry your phone.

It’s not a must to use the three legged type of a phone stand, a phone stand is a phone stand, 3 legged or not.

Remember that there are toxic emission(electromagnetic emission) from phone whose effect isn’t felt at the present but escalate to the same future you plan to enjoy.

Parent take note if you too always attach your phones/tablet to yourself. This is one of the reasons for the recommendation of earphones when making calls.
Thank me later.

An investment of between N2000 – N12,000 today (depending on the size and type) will save you tomorrow’s ill health of your wards. You can always get this on the online stores here in Nigeria.

5) POWER BANK( solar or electrical)

No light shouldn’t be your excuse because you’ve been in Nigeria for a while. The power banks are even cheaper than they use to be. If you can’t use your device efficiently, then why not go for torchlight phones in the first instance? …


I need to let you know this, it doesn’t take your job off totally, it does its best to make your children positively engaged and THINK. If your child can read and can think, they learn on themselves including all those socialization and mathematics you complain about.

I studied Engineering, we read, think and then work maths… not la cram la pour kinda… Lol

1) A Gmail Account(notice the G, of the gmail).

With a gmail account, you automatically have google play store, YouTube, google drive(to save your text like findings) etc

Here, your google and YouTube is the most powerful assistant you can have.

Thou they’re different, as google focuses on almost everything in different format of presentation, YouTube makes available for you almost everything in video format for every grade.

It practically brings a classroom to a home digitally.

Searching on these two assistants are similar as you’ll see below.

Just type in “English Grammar Learning for Primary One” or as your case may be and it’ll give you options.

You need to effectively use the internet to your advantage on a daily basis. Once you’re done searching, either you download or copy to a google documents , this will help you to turn off the internet connection to avoid abuse by our wards.

Examples of Indispensable Websites Are

For YouTube Resources

Don’t let me even go on, you’ll see as many for different age and levels.

2. Kids Brain Buddy

With your play store that comes with your gmail account, you can access every other application you can download to your phones to be used offline( without data on).

This particular app has Match it, Puzzle, Memory, Differeces etc

3. Codapillar; ( ages 3 – 6)

4. Baby Puzzle; (ages 1 – 3)

5. Body Parts for Kids

6. Drawing; Bini Bambini

7. Super Puzzle; (ages 3 – 5)

8. Game Kids4 (clock, puzzle, colour, difference for ages 2 – 10)

9. Play and Learn; ( ages 1 – 4)

10. Lego Junior; 6+

I believe I’ve been able to bore you with my super epistle😝

Now it’s time for you to ask questions, share your thought, share your concerns in the comment section below.

Speak your mind, you’re more than courageous.

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Homeschooling Nigeria is not about pulling your children out of school, it’s about finding support for your children Education journing.

Stay blessed.

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